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Blow Out Sample Sale September 7-10th, 2017
From 30% - 75% Off!

Oh you clever bride, you!

We are making room for our new collections, so we have slashed prices on our in-store samples. If you are looking for a wedding dress in size 6-16, you will not want to miss this unique opportunity. The minimum mark-down is 30% off regular price - no exceptions. The marked-down price range of most gowns is $1200-$2200.

These dresses have been tried on by brides like yourself, and may have imperfections. These vary from dress to dress, and the discount takes the condition of the gown and other factors into account. There are many dresses which are perfect however! Samples are sold sold as-is. Some examples of the gowns available are shown below. There are more that are not pictured, however. Note that some sample gowns are chosen the morning of the event and may not be previewed in advance in-store. Please note that in order to be fair to each customer that we can not "hold" a dress for any reason. First come, first served. By appointment only.

Are you a good candidate to book our sample sale? Read on to find out.

We have held many sample sales, and this is what we have discovered. This type of event is not for all brides. Some people like to take their time when shopping: if you are the type of person who needs extra time to make your choice or to sleep on it, our sale may just not be your cup of tea. Why? The fact that the bride in the next fitting room may purchase the dress that you just tried on can be too stressful for some people. We want all our customers to have a positive experience. On the other hand, if you pride yourself on being a quick decision maker and an efficient shopper who trusts her good instincts, this will be perfect for you.

How to maximize your chances of finding your dress

1) Come prepared: you need to have tried on wedding dresses before to know what you are looking for. There are so many styles, fabrics and price points that a little live, in-person research prior to the sale is a must. We have seen so many brides underestimate how overwhelming it is the first time they shop for their dress. Don't let this happen to you and let your perfect dress slip through your fingers because it is yoiur first time.

2) Choose your guests carefully. You can bring up to two guests with you. Choose the person or people who will support your choice rather than impose their own taste on you. They are there as your sounding board, not to make your choice for you. Can't decide who to invite? Go with the person who knows you best. She will be able to read your body language and know which dress the "inner you" loves most before you do yourself.

Event Schedule:
• Thursday, September 7th: 3:00PM-8:00PM
• Friday, September 8th: 10:00AM-8:00PM
• Saturday, September 9th: 10:00AM-5:00PM
• Sunday, September 10th: 10:00AM-5:00PM